8 Kinds of Sex Toys,which one is suitable for you(two)?

In last blog,we mentioned 3 common sex toys,and below are the rest 5 toys.

8 Kinds of Sex Toys,which one is suitable for you(one)?

Type four: Bullet-shaped vibrators

Just as its name implies,it's a vibrator which looks like a bullet,and it could be inserted into the vagina entirely with remote control.

  • Availability: Couples,women who wanna enjoy pleasure at anytime
  • Key words: Bullet,lipstick,remote control
  • Stimulated parts: G-spot
  • Appearance: Small,bullet-shaped
  • Budget: 15-200 USD
  • Advantage: Easy to hide,multiple play methods
  • Disadvantage: Can’t get that strong feelings
  • Usage: Push the vibrator slowly in the premise of cleanness and lubrication,then open the switch and feel vibration cooperated with leg lock

Type five: Dildos

It's an excavation-level sex toy which could be small or big,soft or stiff.Although it looks bumdrum or even uncomfortable,many people likes its emulational feelings.

  • Availability: People who likes primordial emotional intimacy
  • Key words: Dildos
  • Stimulated parts: Vagina,G-spot
  • Appearance: Simulation design,colorful,made by cilica gel or glass
  • Budget: 15-200 USD
  • Advantage: Strong forever
  • Disadvantage: Hard to storage
  • Usage: The dildos with sucker could be fixed in somewhere,some could be held in hand.

Type six: Cock Rings

“Is it comfortable?”This is the common view about cock rings among males.However,cock ring is designed for females.When making love,the little motor on ring will vibrate in body’s rhythm,which could deepen the feelings around clitoris.Trust me,choosing a suitable cock ring could cover your unaccustomedness.

  • Availability: womon who’s sexless,men who’s sensitive
  • Key words: Cock rings,penis rings
  • Stimulated parts: clitoris
  • Appearance: Ring-shaped. Small in size
  • Budget: 15-100 USD
  • Advantage: Improve your senseless sex
  • Disadvantage: Males may feel uncomfortable
  • Usage: Wear the ring to the root of penis after wearing the condom,upwards the shaking area towards yourself,communicating to adjust your position meanwhile,pass the vibration to your partner by your body's fhythm

Type Seven: Sucking toys

When I first saw this toy I felt it was a beauty apparatus,what a perfect cover ! These sucking toys are the new technology that appear in resent years.Differs from traditional vibration,it achieves pleasure by vacuum suck.

  • Availability: People don’t like vibration toys
  • Key words: suck,vacuum
  • Stimulated parts: clitoris
  • Appearance: vacuum sucking head
  • Budget: 70-200 USD
  • Advantage: Touches novel,won’t be numb
  • Disadvantage: Single function
  • Usage: Align the head to clitoris,open the switch and press slowly.

Type eight: Anal toys

Like dildos,anal toys are made by silica gel or glass,which have smaller size and multiple shape.Many people are misapprehensive to anal toys:not only homosexual could use it,it could be used for everyone.Some will have tails,while some are anal-bead.

  • Availability: People who has the spirit of exploration
  • Key words: anal
  • Stimulated parts: Sphincter,prostate
  • Appearance: Plug-shaped
  • Budget: 15-100 USD
  • Advantage: Targeted
  • Disadvantage: High quality demands
  • Usage: Push and pull the toys slowly in the premise of cleanness and lubrication.