8 Best Sex Toys for Women and Couples of 2018

morefeel sex toy

Many readers write to us that they want to get some recommended sex toys. So today we'll introduce varied sex toys for you to choose.Here we go!

There are always some questions for most first-try people:

  • What the hell is it?
  • Where should I put it on?

People will always be scared by the “boorish appearance”,"God!Where should I put it?” And most person couldn't contact these cold items with their soft bodies.

In fact,sex toys' designs are so easy that you can find specialized toys which are fit for some corresponding parts as you want.If you really don't know where to stimulate,multifunctional toy is a good choice.Although you're a new comer in this area,follow us,then you'll become professional after 10 minutes.

Type one:Little Love Egg

If you're not sure whether it's a sex toy,and even don't know its use,please remember there 2 points:

  1. Silica-gel surface;
  2. Vibrative

This confusing little item is love egg which is the best choice for beginners,because it's really easy to hide!Manufacturers will take more attention on the egg’s designs and idea,which may make you feel you’re loved when using it.In this way you can open your mind to welcome this new world.

  • Availability: beginners
  • Key words: love egg,masturbation,clitoris,vibrate
  • Stimulated parts: clitoris
  • Appearance: Cute. Small in size
  • Budget: 15-100 USD
  • Advantage: easy to hide
  • Disadvantage: Small power,single purpose
  • Usage: Open to the vibration mode,hold the egg and press on and around clitoris,feel the sense it passes to you.Remember never insert it into your vagina!

Type two:Vibrators

I trust most of you are familiar with this one.But at first,the vibrators are invented to massage your shoulder and neck till some “wise men” developed its special purpose.Then people use it to massage specialized parts except manufacturers,they insist:what we sell is for your shoulder and neck!

  • Availability: people who never experience climax
  • Key words: Vibrator,masturbation,clitoris
  • Stimulated parts: clitoris
  • Appearance: One head with a handle
  • Budget: 15-100 USD
  • Advantage: Strong vibration sense,
  • Disadvantage: Not easy to storage
  • Usage: Hold the handle,control the switch by your hand,and let the head alignment clitoris to massage.There are some other shapes for vibrator,but remember also:they can't be inserted in!

Type three:G-spot massage

Where is the real G-spot ? What we have to emphasize is there is not exact medical basis to indicate the exist of G-spot. If you stimulate the vagina,then its nerve terminal which connects with clitoris will be stimulated,then you’ll feel pleasure.G-spot is still a mysterious area,but it’s irrespective to people's sex interest.

  • Availability: Women who love the feeling of inserting and sensitive G-spot
  • Key words: Dildo,masturbation,G-spot,
  • Stimulated parts: G-spot
  • Appearance: Rodlike,smaller and thinner than penis.The front end is bigger or turnup
  • Budget: 15-100 USD
  • Advantage: massage both inside and outside
  • Disadvantage: Need to pay attention to sanitation,can match with condom
  • Usage: Firstly adjust to your comfortable position,put the turnup head upwards and enter towards you;Press by your hand to let the head stimulate your vagina.It can also use for clitoris after vibrating it.

8 Kinds of Sex Toys,which one is suitable for you(two)?