8 Worth Seeing Erotic Movies for Females

Women are always exquisite for the feeling of affection,today we'll infroduce several pornographic flims which are fit for girls to watch. Actually,watching movie can yet be regarded as a relaxed manner for us

Just as thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes,different directors have different understanding on sex,thus various aesthetic lens that can be comfortable for viewing experience are borned


Brief comment:2 strangers,who even don't know each other's name,sink into sensual's intimacy every Wednesday afternoon

The 2 lonely souls communicate through natural manner,althougt they have respective family.So can this feeling gratify Jay and Claire? Desire always likes a bottomless abyss,the inner gap is hard to fill in however.The whole pain begins from being of discontent with sensual desire.

2.<The Sweet Sex and bitter Love>

Brief comment: Appropriate sex is always sweet,while love often accompanied by bitter. Dong-ki met Jo Shin-a from the carnal lust,and knows each other by sensual sink.But it's so hard when these 2 lonely heart contact each other  

Just as < Intimacy> shows,this film explains the possibility from sex to love.It's always tough for the the ice-breaking journey after heat wave.

It's so hot when sinking into the lust ocean

How tough it is to correspond with a soul

3.<Eyes Wide Shut>

  Brief comment: Burning passion from Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman,this film discusses a slightly absurd marriage crisis.Beautiful body and loose performance

Director Stanley Kubrick’s last work,which is well worth watching.

4.< The Handmaiden>

Brief comment: I once heard that lots of females are Bisexuality.Sometimes the emotions between women seems to go to red-light district  

<The Handmaiden> is artistic on the portraying of 2 women’s emothon and desire,which has radically different style from the same- adaptation british mini movie < Fingersmith >

Loose performance,the sex between women makes it increases a curiosity,compared with previous blush.


Brief comment:This is a very classical and excellent movie, coerced by violence and eroticism ,but discusses the human’s nature and original desire.

6.< Obsessed>

Brief comment: Another immoral love.

7.<The Dreamers>

Brief comment:”ambiguity”between the twinned sister and brother,the lust among man and woman, throb of the same sex. It’s a worth- analyzation movie both on film aesthetics and movie language

The 24-year-old Eva Green is so amazing,especially her Venus.

The amazing of first meet

The lust among 3 person

Classical lens of Venus

8.< Belle de jour >

Brief comment:A film that is related to repression & emancipation and pain & joviality.

The sexual & emotionally dispute between a beauty of the day who has secret desire so that is willing to serve as a prostitute and  a killer.