8 most common sex positions for “Newbie”



This is the most traditional sex law: male and female, take the initiative by the boys.


. Easy to place Because you can see each other, the process is extremely romantic psychological qualities of men and women: that men do initiative, women do passive – this method can increase the chance of conception.


More use of this move will make hey hey monotonous. Men are more tired. Men and women often can not reach the GC simultaneously.


◎ after entering

Male and female sides playing side, the woman's legs slightly flexed, the man straightened up behind the woman, forward attack.


Can touch the woman's buttocks, increase pleasure.


The man's brother is too small or the woman's butt is too big to have the chance to do this action.


◎ snail-style

The woman lying in bed, her feet flexing chest like a snail, the man knelt behind, forward attack.


This position is easy to come into contact with women.


Woman easily leg numbness.


◎ female host

Man lying in bed, the woman riding his legs apart from both sides of the man.

Under the men and women in general move, everyone can do it.

When the woman is shaking to control the position, otherwise it is easy to injure the boy.


◎ hand to capture

Kneeling both sides, the female front male. The woman bent forward as far as possible the upper body, the body is bent back as far as possible, at the same time the man needs to be like a catching thief, the woman's hands gently pull back.

The woman is completely controlled by the man, satisfying that men always desire to be conquering.

If you do not care when hard, so easy to hurt the woman's hands.


◎ kneeling on each other

Relatively kneeling between men and women, the woman will open the fork, the man before the shift, the woman can sit on each other's thighs, multi-directional movement Hey.

Both sides can see the other excited expression. Hey woman easier to convert position, increase hey fun. This move can make the man find more in-depth, increase each other feeling.

Kneeling is too easy to numb legs and legs. If the woman is too fat, it will become difficult to move, and the man will feel good.


◎ 69 style

Belongs to "bite" moves. Both sides lying in bed, head in the opposite direction, the man put his feet on the woman's head, the woman at this time for the man crape myrtle or "bite."

Can enjoy caressing and "bite" fun.

Women do not accept "bite".


◎ gymnastics


The two sides stood, the woman will be one of the feet back to a 90 degree angle to the man while the woman behind the company. At this moment, the man needs to hold the woman's hands in balance.


Beautiful action, so hey when adding a lot of romantic atmosphere.